Roxanna Klimaszewska

Roxanna Klimaszewska is a writer, dancer, actor, teacher and director.

Roxanna’s training began at Bodywork Theatre School where she explored a range of dance styles and musical theatre. She completed a BA (Hons) in Performance Theatre at York St. John University (2008) where she specialized in collaborative devised work, building on the work-generational methodologies of, and working with, Goat Island and Forced Entertainment.

In 2010 Roxanna went on to complete an MA in Theatre: Writing, Directing and Performance at York University, where she received master classes from Oliver Ford Davies in Acting, Sam West in Directing and Andrew Davies in Writing.

Roxanna was selected as one of five Apprentice Producers in 2011 selected to work with Imove: one of Legacy Trust UK’s twelve regional programmes as part of the Cultural Olympiad.

Roxanna has worked with Hedgepig Theatre, One and Other TV, Parkbench Poets, Bright Furnace, White Rose Theatre and Trespasser Films.