Miss Trout – Anna Rogers Creative Associate

Once Upon a time …

A little girl with red hair and big brown eyes wrote lots of little poems, stories and plays. Nothing too grand but each one was full of odd and quirky characters living in charmingly strange worlds.

Her mind was so full of these blossoming people and places, she continued to write more as she grew to become a woman. Luck & love shone on her and she was blessed with a loving soulmate and two very wonderful children, Ava and Dylan. Becoming a Mummy allowed her to express her desires fully and gave her the courage to do something she had wanted to do for a very long time but hadn’t been brave enough until then.

Desperate to share her sparkled worlds she decided to set them free so everyone, big and small, could see them at last. Miss Trout became her guise, her very own little character. And so she began to tell her stories at festivals, schools, libraries and storytelling events over Yorkshire where she resided. And in time that grew to her adapting the tales into plays for the stage using puppetry and interactive devices allowing audiences to really enter the world of Miss Trout.

She also decided to dabble in inky bright sketches to illustrate her stories. And she liked them- they worked. So she decided to mix sparkles, glitter, buttons and glue and tiny rose petals too. The illustrations sprang into life beautifully and they became her trade mark images. She offered a service for commissioned art work, cards, invitations and the like, so people could become a part of her drawings and creativity.

In time she decided to collaborate with other independent creatives combining her work with theres. She worked with wine bars illustrating their spaces (belles bouffe), crafters who crocheted dolls of her made up people ( Double Ewe Designs), theatre companies collaborating their fairytale writing ( Six Lips Theatre)and eventually began creating and building her own theatre platform exclusively to perform her work for children across the land and over the seas – Sparkled Scales Theatre. Her Journey continues through sunshine and rain, the ending never in sight, for who wants to just live happily ever after when there is magic and mischief to make!