Welcome To Paper Planes and Daisy Chains

Paper Planes and Daisy Chains is a multi-sensory interactive company making fun theatre for 5-11 year olds, promoting healthy lifestyle and positive body image.

Since emerging from the Cultural Olympiad in 2012 Paper Planes and Daisy Chains has continued to perform location based, promenade shows that educate and engage. As  well as running children’s workshops in the city York. All our facilitators are professionals with experience of working with and engaging with young people.

 We work with children to help them become the people they want to be, we encourage creativity and positivity through drama and crafts. Our workshops have proved successful at helping children progress at both school and at home.Specifically sharing with others and learning how to participate in group activities.

 We all come in different shapes and sizes, making us each unique and beautiful.

David Wood Children’s Theatre Director

“It makes me annoyed when people see children’s theatre as being second division,” says Wood. “Children’s theatre is the most important theatre, and I don’t buy it’s important because it’s an investment in the audiences for the future argument. I don’t see it as my role to prepare Cameron Mackintosh’s audiences of tomorrow. It’s for now. They deserve it now. We need to be giving children great theatre now, because it’s such a great trigger for the imagination.”